Antarctica: An Introduction

Antartica is the world’s 7th and least visited continent with no permanent population. It is the perfect place to explore on an expedition cruise.

For visitors it offers a rare glimpse into another world. Antarctica is full of natural beauty, incredible scenery, ice, a diverse array of wildlife and interesting historical sites.

Antarctica has 7 species of penguin and as there are no land based predators so they thrive on land. It is one of the best places on earth for wildlife photography.

An expedition to Antarctica is a truly life-changing experience.

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What Can I See in Antarctica?

Antarctica wildlife


Antarctica is home to an abundance of wildlife including 7 penguin species, an abundance of seals across 6 species, Orcas, 46 bird species including Albatrosses, and is a natural haven for whales.

Antarctica Iceberg


One of the greatest sights in Antarctica is seeing icebergs in the sea all around. The icebergs form when they calve off the numerous glaciers into the sea. Zodiac cruising in the floating ice is an amazing expereince.

Antarctica glacier


No one know for sure how many glaciers there are in Antarctica but you will be sure to encounter some of them on your expedition cruise. Antarctica is though to have 1133 icecaps with over 500 named glaciers. There are of course 1000’s which have yet to be named or even discovered.

Antarctica historical sites

Historical Sites

Antarctica is full of interesting human history from the huts left behind from early expedition teams, to present day scientific research stations and remote outposts such as the post office at Port Lockroy.

Explore Antarctica

How to get to Antarctica

The best way to experience Antarctica is on an expedition cruise as there are no roads or infrastructure for tourism. An expedition cruise allows you to see a lot of places not accessible from the land.

Ushuaia in Argentina is our departure port for our expedition cruises to Antarctica. Ushuaia is served by daily flights from Buenos Aires with international connections to the rest of the world.

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Antarctica Wildlife

Antarctica is home to an abundance of wildlife which is unique to the area. A part of an expedition to Antarctica is spending time wildlife watching and appreciating this natural wonder.

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Where is Antarctica?

Antartica is the southern most continent on Earth.

It is situated in the Antarctic region of the Southern Hemisphere and surrounded by the Southern Ocean.The most accessible part of the continent to visit is the Antarctic Peninsula, which is an incredible place for a wildlife and photography adventure.

Secret Atlas offer a unique small ship cruise with just 48 guests to explore the Antarctic Peninsula and its incredible landscapes and wildlife.

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Did You Know?

Antarctica holds most of the Earth’s fresh water

Although it is a desert, Antarctica contains 70% of the Earth’s fresh water. However, it is mostly bound up in the enormous ice sheet so you won’t be drinking out of too many running streams there.

Learn more about Antarctica with our 50 facts about Antarctica page.

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Join Secret Atlas on an authentic expedition to explore Antarctica on a 12-day small ship cruise with just 48 Guests departing from Ushuaia.

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