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Secret Atlas is run by Explorers for Explorers, united on a mission to rekindle the long gone spirit of exploration. 

Our Expedition Micro Cruises take the smallest group sizes in the Arctic (only 12 guests) and Antarctic (only 48 guests).

We are low impact, and sustainable and offer our guests an authentic, unrivalled experience free from the crowds of larger vessels.

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zodiac cruise in the pack ice Svalbard

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Did we mention we only use built for purpose ice strengthened expedition ships that deliver authentic experiences? All our ships have newly refurbished cabins, hearty food and a genuine expedition atmosphere that you only get on small vessels. Choose between a 12 or 48 guest ships, the smallest group size available in all our destinations.

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Secret Atlas

  • Smallest Group sizes in Svalbard and Greenland
  • Room for all our guests in Zodiacs
  • All our guests can explore ashore at the same time
  • Minimal waiting time to go ashore
  • 1 guide for every 6 guests
  • Visit places larger ships can’t reach
  • Longer ashore in an unhurried way
  • Maximum flexibility to explore
  • Authentic expedition style
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Secret Atlas

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Other Operators

  • Larger group sizes in all polar destinations
  • Guests wait in a groups for Zodiacs
  • Guests go ashore in groups. Some sites have restricted numbers
  • Up to an hour wait time to go ashore
  • Average 1 guide for every 10 guests
  • Can’t access all sites
  • Shore landings are regimented
  • Set itinerary
  • Luxury rather than expedition
Two polar bear cubs walking on ice in Svalbard by Paul Goldstein

Explore the Polar Regions

Join Secret Atlas on an authentic expedition cruise. Choose between a 12 guest Micro Cruise or a 48 guest Small Ship Expedition.

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Talk To An Expert

Planning your first expedition can be a daunting task. There are lots of questions to ask such as which ship and experience are right for me?

We are here to help you make the right decision for you. We will use our expertise to recommend the right adventure and ship for you dependent on your experience and comfort levels.

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Who are our Polar cruises aimed at?

Our trips are curated for people that want to explore and be a part of an intimate experience rather than joining an overcrowded commercial cruise.

We think stepping ashore with a handful of others is the perfect way to experience the nature and the environment of the Polar regions we visit.

We run cruises in the Arctic and Antarctica in small, intimate groups to maximise the experience and minimise the environmental impact.

We are passionate about protecting the places we visit, experiencing them and then leaving again with no trace. Our trips are suitable for most people of reasonable fitness. The fitness level varies between trips. If you have any questions regarding this please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you. Secret Atlas is a member of AECO and IAATO we follow strict guidelines so we minimise our impact and don’t disturb wildlife on our Arctic and Antarctic cruises.