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Experience the most precious, untouched places in the world, with the best photography experts on one of our Photo Tours to the Polar regions. 

Our Photo Expeditions to the Polar regions are for everyone, any ability. Whether you’re a fully-fledged photographer looking for unique opportunities, an enthusiastic amateur looking to develop your skills or new to photography, we have unique experiences for you.

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Photography Destinations


Our photography expeditions explore the most remote locations in the world!

Despite the harsh environment, we explore unique destinations that are teeming with diverse wildlife, flourishing flora, resilient communities, and quite literally breathtaking scenery—a true testament to nature’s astounding complexities and beauty. 

We’re confident you’ll capture spectacular images, but we know this experience will change your perception of the world and that’s the most magical part of our Photo Tours.

polar bear photography tour in svalbard


Svalbard offers amazing opportunities for wildlife and landscape photographers looking to capture the Arctic. Witness a variety of Arctic wildlife, including polar bears, dramatic landscapes, glaciers and sea ice.

floating iceberg in East Greenland Scoresby Sund


Explore the never-ending wilderness of Greenland with some of the largest icebergs on the planet. Greenland is suited to landscape photographers and those with a real sense of adventure.

south georgia photo and wildlife tour

South Georgia

South Georgia offers the wildlife photographer some of the highest concentrations of penguins and seals on the planet, with over 200,000 King Penguins at Saint Andrew’s Bay alone.

seal in antarctica


Antarctica offers amazing wildlife and landscape photography opportunities. 5 Penguin species, leopard seals and a variety of whales call Antartica their home. Explore frozen landscapes.

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We’re a team passionate about the polar regions with a wealth of first-hand experience. Consider us your go-to source for genuine, expert advice and let us help you make your expedition a reality!

Expedition Micro Cruise

Vikingfjord photo tour expedition ship

Destinations: Svalbard & Greenland

Guests: 12

Expedition Team: x2 Expedition Team & x1 Photography Expert Guide

Months: April – October

Days: 8-12 Days

Small Ship Expedition

Magellan Explorer photo tour ship

Destination: South Georgia & Antarctica

Guests: 89

Expedition Team: Dedicated Secret Atlas Expedition Team & Photography Expert Guides

Months: August – October

Days: 10 – 17 Days

Why Secret Altas?

Founded, led and made for explorers, by explorers

We want to share with you, as we see them, the breathtaking sights and stories of the world’s most beautiful, untouched places—undiluted by large cruise ships, crowds, and pollution. If you’re looking for a real expedition, prioritising your experience, freedom and connection to the wild then you’ve come to the right place.

What to Expect From Our Expedition Team and Photography Experts?

Paul Goldstein Photo Tour Guide

It’s the people who make our Photo Tours special. They’re not only experts but also passionate about what they do!

Running a successful expedition in the wild requires teamwork. While it’s true that capturing the perfect photo often comes down to being in the right place at the right time, our photography guides excel at ensuring you have those opportunities. They work hand-in-hand with the Expedition Team to position you for the best shots throughout your expedition. 

“You know, you’re only as good as your last lecture, your last game drive, or your next game drive, or your next Zodiac ride. As for my motivation, the day when spotting a polar bear no longer quickens my pulse, I’ll find another passion. Until then, I’ll continue pursuing the thrill of the wild and sharing it with those who join me on these incredible expeditions.” Paul Goldstein

Secret Atlas Photo Tour Leaders

Paul Goldstein

Paul Goldstein photo tour guide

Photo Tour Leader

A travel veteran of over 35 years and a multi-award-winning photographer with a following spanning six continents, Paul Goldstein has a broad and burgeoning bank of followers and indeed some even agree with him. He is also a big defender of persecuted species and has run 20 marathons including the fearsome Everest one last year in his now fabled tiger suit raising almost half a million dollars for his beloved Bengal cats.

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Amos Nachoum

Amos Nachoum Photography Guide Secret Atlas

Photo Tour Leader

Amos Nachoum, a renowned wildlife photographer and explorer, has profoundly impacted photography and wildlife conservation. Celebrated for his close-up underwater shots of large marine animals like whales, sharks, leopard seals, crocodiles, anacondas, and polar bears, he has earned numerous awards and global recognition. 

Beyond capturing stunning images, Amos passionately advocates for environmental conservation, using his work to raise awareness about endangered wildlife and natural habitats.

Tom Crowley

Tom Crowley Secret Atlas Photography Guide

Photo Tour Leader

Tom is a true maestro behind the camera! His memorable work on Racer Snakes vs Iguanas in Planet Earth 2 was simply breathtaking and he has gone on to win Emmy and BAFTA awards for his work.

Not only is he a gifted photographer and cinematographer, but Tom’s dedication to wildlife and the ocean is remarkable. His experiences as a marine scientist studying blue and humpback whales, coupled with his time as a polar guide, truly showcase his deep-rooted passion for the natural world.

View Tom’s Profile & Photo Tours

Lana Tannir

Lana Tannir photography guide secret atlas

Photo Tour Leader

As a National Geographic Explorer and Girls Who Click Ambassador, Lana Tannir has spent the past decade capturing the intricate relationship between humans and nature in the Arctic and marine environments.

Lana Tannir’s work has been featured in publications and podcasts to TV appearances. Some of her latest features include National Geographic Germany and Serbia, Terra Mater, Oceanographic Magazine, Wildlife Photographic, Sony Alpha Universe, Sidetracked Magazine, and Female Explorer. 

View Lana’s Profile

Chase Teron

Photo Tour Leader

Canadian environmentalist Chase Teron is a professional wildlife and nature photographer who has worked with major international clientele for his photography and drone work alongside delivering outstanding Arctic photo tours. Before switching mediums to photography, Chase was an artist producing oil and acrylic paintings of wildlife and landscapes.

As an “obsessive backcountry hiker and traveler”, photography became a natural extension to practice his passions in tandem. For the past decade, Chase has continued to expand his expertise in photography as well as prime his knowledge on all things artistic theory in the field and in post-processing.

View Chase’s Profile & Photo Tours

Jenni Teron

Photo Tour Leader

Jenni Teron is an artist with a deep love of nature. She specialises in ethical wildlife photography tours in remote regions and digital marketing for nature conservation photographers and organisations. Jenni has always felt a calling to capture the beauty and experience of nature, and is constantly captivated by the hidden treasures she finds.

Her art is a collection of all the pieces of beauty that inspire her – from animals and nature, to little moments that bring her happiness and inner peace. Jenni’s passion lies in spending time with animals and exploring nature; it fills her with inspiration and brings her immense joy.

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Roie Galitz

Roie Galitz photo tour guide

Professional Wildlife & Nature Photographer

Pushing both his creative and physical boundaries, Roie Galitz explores the most extreme locations worldwide in his mission to “raise awareness to the pressing environmental issues by taking pictures that were never taken before.”

Roie divides his passion between photography and his role as a Greenpeace ambassador, actively participating in global conservation efforts, earning recognition for his impactful presentations at venues like the United Nations HQ, NYC Climate Week, among other global conventions and expeditions.

View Roie’s Profile

Jean Paul De La Harpe Zubiaur

Jean Paul de la Harpe Z photo tour guide

Photography Expert

Jean Paul was born in Santiago, Chile. He is a biologist and a professional photographer. From his childhood, he was fascinated by nature and outdoor life. Since 2002, he has guided nature and photography expeditions in many Chilean environments, from the dry Atacama desert to the windy and cold Patagonia. He has spent the last 3 seasons in Antarctica, as an expedition photographer, documenting the breathtaking landscapes and the incredible wildlife that lives there.

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Polar Photography Tips

Photo Tour FAQs

The best time of year to join an Arctic photo tour depends on what you would like to see. Consider an early season trip in April or May to encounter the frozen wilderness of the Arctic in Svalbard. Consider a late season in trip to get the best light for landscape photography.

Find our more in our Best Time Time Visit Svalbard article.

The best place to photograph polar bears in the Arctic is in Svalbard. Polar bears are present in Svalbard all year round. Between April and September we regularly encounter them on our Arctic photo tours. To find out more please visit our Svalbard photo tours page.

Svalbard is one of the best locations in the Arctic for wildlife photography. Due to its relatively small size there is a high concentration of wildlife including polar bears, walruses, Arctic foxes and Svalbard reindeer making Svalbard one of our favourite Arctic photo tours destinations.

You can read about the wildlife in Svalbard in our guide.

Greenland, due to its larger size, means wildlife is spread out further making sightings less frequent.

Greenland is home to some of the most stunning landscapes on Earth framed by gigantic icebergs. Expect unlimited scenery, high granite peaks in the south, and remote fjords in the east.

Svalbard also offers fantastic opportunities for landscape photographers with 2,000 glaciers, frozen seascapes early in the season and beautiful colours in September.

The best time to visit Antarctica on a photo tour is between November and March. During the winter months it is not possible to reach Antarctica by ship.

The best time to visit South Georgia on a photo tour is between November and March. During the winter months it is not possible to reach South Georgia by ship.

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