Greenland: An Introduction

Welcome to Greenland –  the largest island on Earth and yet one of the least populated places on the planet, crowded only with towering icebergs, granite peaks and moving glaciers. The Arctic skys hold worldwide prominence, famous for the phenomenon the Northern Lights and Greenland is one of the best spots to capture this spectacle.

The vast beauty of the wilderness is reason alone to visit Greenland but the culture is unlike much of the western world and heavily influenced by Inuit traditions, shaped by centuries of inhabiting such a remote and hostile environment. Today we see Greenlanders mainting traditional hunting and fishing techniques as a way of life. These activities are not just a means of survival, but also a way to connect with their heritage and maintain their connection to the land. 

“Culturally, it’s one of the most interesting encounters with other people in my life.” – Michele, Secret Atlas Co-founder

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What Can I See in Greenland?

Greenland places to visit

Nature and Wilderness

From raw, mountainous landscapes to uninhabited ice-filled fjords, Greenland is home to some of the most majestic wilderness and scenery on the planet. A great way to experience Greenland’s nature is on a small expedition vessel that causes less disturbance than a large cruise ship.

Iceberg Greenland Secret Atlas


80% of Greenland’s landmass is covered by an ice sheet that forms glaciers. As the glaciers retreat, huge pieces of ice calve off into the water and drift out to sea. Witness thousands of beautiful icebergs that can be seen floating along the fjords and coast, some reaching 300ft in height.

Greenlandic people and culture

A huge highlight of visiting Greenland is meeting the people that call this land their home. On our trips, you will travel with local guides and meet local people in remote communities. From the capital city of Nuuk to the small, remote settlements that dot the coastline, the Greenlandic people are warm and welcoming.

Northern Lights Greenland Secret Atlas

Northern Lights

From September onwards, this stunning country is one of the best spots to experience this natural phenomenon. Nestled within the Arctic circle and boasting incredibly low levels of light pollution, Greenland provides the ideal conditions for observing the awe-inspiring aurora borealis.

Musk Ox in Greenland


Greenland is home to an impressive array of wildlife. The waters around Greenland are home to 15 whale species during the spring and summer months including Humpback Whales which are frequently sighted. The Narwhal, with its single unicorn tusk, and the white beluga whale are some of Greenland’s rarer marine creatures.

Why Greenland with Secret Atlas?

  • Intimate Group Experience | We believe in the value of intimate Arctic encounters. Unlike large expedition cruise ships that accommodate hundreds of passengers, we limit our groups to just 12 guests, offering you unmatchedpersonal and immersive adventures.
  • World-Class Expedition Leaders & Guides I Our knowledgeable guides have a deep passion for the polar regions and bring years of exploration experience to ensure you have an exceptional trip. With the highest guide-to-guest ratio, they are dedicated to maximizing your experience.
  • Comfortable Accommodations | Our ships are designed to offer optimal comfort during your voyage. Featuring a variety of twin, double, and single ensuite cabins, along with modern amenities and spacious viewing platforms, you can relax and enjoy a comfortable journey.
  • Exciting Zodiac Shore Landings | Embark on daily shore landings using our specialized vessel’s landing craft, providing you with the opportunity to explore remote beaches and immerse yourself in the untamed wilderness firsthand.
  • Witness the Marvels of Wildlife | Encounter Musk Oxen on land, marvel at the majestic presence of whales and other marine creatures, and explore the captivating coastal areas where polar bears roam.
  • Breathtaking Natural Landscapes | Immerse yourself in the serenity of steep-sided fjords, massive glaciers, and pristine wilderness.

Explore Greenland

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How to get to Greenland

Greenland is accessible by direct flights from Reykjavik in Iceland and Copenhagen in Denmark. Both airports have good connections for international flights. All townsand settlements in Greenland are served by Air Greenland for internal connections.

How To Get To Greenland Travel Guide

3 Hr 20 M flight

from Reykjavík (Iceland) to Nuuk

4 Hr 40 M flight

from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq

Easily accessible

Arctic destination

Greenland Wildlife

Greenland is home to a diverse array of wildlife both in the water and on the land. Whales, musk ox, seals and polar bears all call Greenland their home.

Discover the animals of Greenland

Where is Greenland?

Situated between Canada and Iceland, Greenland is the largest island on earth and is part of the North American continent.

Greenland has very few roads and the best way to explore its rugged beauty is from the sea. During the summer months, the coast becomes navigable as the sea ice retreats, opening up passages into new realms filled with countless fjords and icebergs.

520 miles

from Canada

2000 Miles

from the USA

560 Miles

from Iceland

Uumanmanaq in Greenland

Did You Know?

Greenland is the largest island on the planet but only has a population of 56,000 inhabitants making it one of the most sparsely populated places on Earth?

Learn more about Greenland by reading our 51 facts about Greenland page.

Greenland Travel Information


Danish krone (DKK)

Calling Code


Time Zone

GMT -03:00 (WGT)

Driving Side



Greenlandic (official) Danish & English (widely spoken)

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