MV Ocean Nova




73 meters


12 knots



Ocean Nova was built in Denmark in 1992 and was thoroughly rebuilt in 2006. She now works as a small and comfortable expedition ship. The Ocean Nova can carry up to 78 passengers in twin and triple cabins, all of which have outdoor views and en-suite bathrooms. Your cabin also has a workstation with a chair and storage space for clothes and equipment. The dining room serves exquisite meals, while the panorama lounge serves drinks with breathtaking views of the surrounding frigid region. This is where your guides will entertain and educate you about the flora, animals, and history of the area.

A library with polar literature and DVDs is available on board. Passengers are welcome on the bridge 24 hours a day and there is always something to see or look for from the spacious observation decks. The environment on Ocean Nova is easygoing and welcoming. Traveling on this small expedition ship provides a completely different experience and perspective than on a larger and more traditional cruise ship.

What we love about Ocean Nova

  • Highest passenger-to-employee ratio of any Antarctic vessel
  • Up to 67 passengers guarantee a very intimate polar experience, all able to land together
  • One of the few small ships having distinct Single, Twin, and Triple cabins, all with a panoramic window and en-suite bathroom
  • With 200-degree views, her Panorama Lounge is a popular spot to watch wildlife while staying warm
  • Clean, comfortable Scandinavian interior design

Ocean Nova Key Features

  • High ice resistance, superior maneuverability and a first-class captain, Ocean Nova can go where other ships can’t
  • Cabins are spread across two decks and comprise single, double, and triple cabins, all with sea views and private facilities
  • On board there is a satellite phone, gym and medical doctor
  • The ship has a crew of 34, including officers, whose prime concern is your safety as well as ensuring wildlife sightings and weather conditions are maximized
  • Equipped with expedition Zodiacs that can accommodate all guests onboard.


  • Multiple viewing decks including bow access and on top of the bridge
  • Highest ice class makes her ideal for true expeditions
  • Open Bridge – Enjoy the views from the best place on board


  • Panorama lounge where you can enjoy a drink, equipped with TV for guide presentations and briefings
  • Comfortable dining room located on the Upper deck offers delicious meals with a mixture of table service and buffet
  • Library with panoramic views and a good selection of polar books
  • Gym



  • single bed
  • 5 cabins
  • on the Upper Deck
  • best single cabins : 303 & 305 because it has two windows instead of one and the layout of the room is better

Twin Cabin - with window

  • 2 lower beds
  • 12 cabins on the Upper Deck
  • 16 cabins on the Bridge Deck
  • all twins have the same amount of floor space. However, the beds are further apart of each other on the Bridge Deck. (Deck 4). The twin cabins on the Upper Deck (Deck 3) may be more suitable for couples.

Triple Cabin - with window

  • 2 lower beds and 1 bunk-bed
  • 4 cabins
  • at the stern of the Upper Deck
  • largest triple cabin : 317

Deck Plan

Deck Plan Ocean Nova Ship Antarctica Secret Atlas

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