Our Expedition Ships

Micro Expedition Ships with 12 Guests

Vikingfjord exterior in Svalbard

MV Vikingfjord

The newest addition to the Secret Atlas fleet, MV Vikingfjord is a modern expedition vessel offering cruise ship comfort with all en-suite cabins, large viewing lounge and an on deck hot tub and sauna.

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motor expedition yacht charter kinfish

MV Kinfish

A former Norwegian research vessel that has been tastefully converted into an expedition vessel for 12 guests that is ideal for exploring the Arctic.

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MV Freya in the fast ice, Svalbard

MV Freya

The MV Freya is a classic expedition ship. The sturdy, ice strengthened 1A hull makes her perfect for exploring the Arctic waters.

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vestland explorer expedition ship in the sea ice svalbard photography tour

MV Explorer

A hi-end expedition yacht that offers cruise ship comfort for 12 on a small ship with ensuite cabins and suites, an open plan lounge with large windows, hot tub, outdoor jacuzzi and a mini gym.

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Polar Front amongst icebergs in Svalbard

MV Polarfront

One of the Arctic’s most elegant small ships, Polarfront offers a feeling of luxury and style. She offers an on deck sauna and hot tub, spacious cabins and a large guest lounge and dining room.

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cape race expedition vessel

MV Cape Race

A classic polar expedition vessel for 12 guests and a charming interior. Explore Svalbard in comfort and nostalgia.

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nanook expedition vessel

MV Nanook

MV Nanook is a small ocean going expedition vessel converted to into an explorer yacht of the highest comfort. She offers cruise ship comfort on a small ship with ensuite cabins and suites.

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MV Villa

MV Villa is an ice-strengthened expedition vessel that has been recently converted into a ship for 12 guests for an ultimate polar adventure.

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Hanse Explorer in Antarctica

MV Hanse Explorer

MV Hanse Explorer is a uniquely robust and luxurious yacht, equipped with top-of-the-line features for safe expeditions to remote locations.

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Compare Our Cruise Experiences

Secret Atlas

  • Smallest Group sizes available in Svalbard and Greenland
  • Room for all our guests in Zodiacs
  • All our guests can explore ashore at the same time
  • Minimal waiting time to go ashore
  • 1 guide for every 6 guests
  • Visit places larger ships can’t reach
  • Longer ashore in an unhurried way
  • Maximum flexibility to explore
  • Authentic expedition style
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Secret Atlas

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Other Operators

  • Larger group sizes in all polar destinations
  • Guests wait in a groups for Zodiacs
  • Guests go ashore in groups. Some sites have restricted numbers
  • Up to an hour wait time to go ashore
  • Average 1 guide for every 10 guests
  • Can’t access all sites 
  • Shore landings are regimented 
  • Set itinerary
  • Luxury rather than expedition