Roie Galitz

Professional Wildlife & Nature Photographer

Pushing both his creative and physical boundaries, Roie Galitz explores the most extreme locations worldwide in his mission to “raise awareness to the pressing environmental issues by taking pictures that were never taken before.” 

Roie divides his passion between photography and his role as a Greenpeace ambassador, actively participating in global conservation efforts, earning recognition for his impactful presentations at venues like the United Nations HQ, NYC Climate Week, among other global conventions and expeditions. 

With over a hundred international awards, his work graces prestigious publications like Smithsonian and National Geographic. His videography, featured in BBC films and short videos for National Geographic, has earned accolades, with the BBC film “Snow Bears” winning the GDT award for excellence in photography.

“This harsh yet mesmerizing environment is home to the iconic polar bear, a symbol of the Arctic’s untamed nature. Photographing these magnificent creatures has been more than a pursuit of art; it’s a testament to the resilience and adaptability required to thrive in one of the planet’s most extreme climates. Every image is a story of survival, not just of the polar bears but of an ecosystem under threat. Through my camera, I strive to bring you closer to the realities and wonders of the Arctic, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of this unique wilderness.”

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