Raphaël Sané 

Expedition Leader

Raphaël was born with binoculars around his neck! As far as he remembers, he has always been a nature passionate. He is interested in the observation and study of all living organisms from flowers to whales but his main field of interest are vertebrates: birds, mammals, snakes, frogs, etc. Graduate in hydrobiology, he has always been involved in naturalist associations either as volunteer or employee. For example, he is currently co-managing a NGO aiming at studying and conserving bats in Southern France.
Raphaël first came on board a cruise ship as lecturer in 2000 in Svalbard. Since then, he has been embarking either as naturalist guide or expedition leader on many destinations, from the Arctic to Antarctica through the tropics. When he is not navigating, Raphaël carries out other projects always related to nature study and conservation, which may lead him to work as field assistant for bird recovery programs, wildlife freelance expert for public bodies and private officies, part of expedition trips to the Arctic or the Peruvian jungle, photographer, writer, etc. Sometimes he also get to enjoy a relaxed life at home in Provence!


Degrees / Certifications in:
  • Scientific or adventure expeditions in the Polar Regions (Siberia, Greenland, Canada, Svalbard…), the steppe of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Morocco, the rainforest of Peru, etc.
  • Cycling from Ushuaia (Argentina) to Cancun (Mexico) for 20 months along the Andes Cordillera, down the Amzon and across Central America.
  • Full time executive in charge of the scientific program of a nature dedicated NGO in France.
  • Author of eight books for adults and kids, about his bike trip and nature. Also wrote scientific papers about ecology studies.
  • Manager of two book collections for French Publishing companies about nature photography and naturalist activities.
  • A photography exhibition in an art gallery in Provence.
  • Photography awards in international contests.
  • Expedition leader and zodiac driver on board cruise ship travelling to Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falkland islands, Patagonia as well as Northern Europe (Scotland, continental Norway, the Baltic Sea)  and the Arctic: Svalbard, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Chukotka, Kamchatka, the Kuril islands
  • Also led expedition cruises in tropical and subtropical areas such as the Amazon and Orinoco rivers, Costa Rica, Panama, the Great Barrer Reef and the Kimberleys in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines
  • Has completed over 175 expedition cruises worldwide.

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