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Paul Goldstein

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Guide, Wildlife Photographer & Presenter

Paul is an outspoken conservationist, award-winning photographer and guide with a large following that fully embrace his unique style of teaching and leadership. With nearly 40 years of travel experience and working on all seven continents, Paul Goldstein has truly earned his reputation as an avid conservation campaigner and travel expert on wildlife tours in Africa, Asia, South America and the Polar regions. According to the Sunday Times, he is ‘preposterously vivacious, a guide of almost psychotic gusto’ and they also added ‘no-one will drag you up the wildlife photography ladder quicker.’

He has lectured and worked all over the world, his favorite places being the Arctic and Antarctic, the Pantanal, India, Baffin Island and his beloved Maasai Mara conservancies. Predators are his primary photographic subject, and tigers inspiration enough to run 20 marathons in his now-famous outfit, including the Everest marathon in 2022.

Paul may pull you out of your comfort zone at times, but this will inevitably result in you getting fantastic images to add to your wildlife collection. Never knowingly undersold, always outspoken and proactive and a vibrant and entertaining presenter/raconteur. You’ve been warned. ; )

Ice Calving Svalbard Paul Goldstein
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