Ombline Chabasseur

Expedition Leader

Always attracted by sports in nature, her passion for Polar Regions really started when she decided to live in Finland to finish her studies. She was very impressed by the beauty of the landscapes, the serenity, the silence and the wildlife… From then, she dedicated all her free time to these areas, first of all in Svalbard, then Greenland, and she finally worked in a travel agency specialized in these regions, where she created on-demand trips.

Ombline finally left the office to become a guide in these areas and worked all over the Arctic and Antarctic for more than 12 years now. Either guide or expedition leader, she gives all of her energy and knowledge to make trips unforgettables!

As she loves nature, she also takes part in trips in tropical areas and spend some free time to create naturalist expeditions to contribute to science!


Degrees / Certifications in:
  • Private kayak expeditions in Svalbard & Greenland
  • Expedition leader, guide, lecturer and zodiac driver on board cruise ship travelling to Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falkland islands, Patagonia as well as Northern Europe (Scotland, continental Norway, the Baltic Sea)  and the Arctic: Svalbard, Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Chukotka, Kamchatka, the Kuril islands. Also part of expedition cruises in tropical and subtropical areas such as the Amazon and Orinoco rivers, Costa Rica, Panama, the Great Barrer Reef and the Kimberleys in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.
  • Scientific expeditions in the steppe of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadjikistan, Jordan, Morocco or in the rainforest of Peru.
  • Co-author of a book : Nature en coeur.

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