Mats Forsberg

Photo & Expedition Leader

Mats is a naturalist, wildlife photographer and adventure traveller from Sweden.

He has sailed the seven seas and Polar Regions for work and pleasure–including Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago and numerous trips to Greenland, the Canadian and Russian Arctic and Antarctica.

Since the ’80s, his positions onboard have ranged from adviser to expedition leader, guide, and even lecturer.


  • Worked onboard the world-famous Lindblad ‘Explorer’ in 1982
  • Settled down in Northern Norway in 1993
  • Tromsø has been his gateway to Arctic exploration for the last 25 years
  • Original studies in ship engineering, ship mechanics, and mathematics
  • His passion for photography led him to become a freelance photographer
  • Since 1989, Mats has worked as a location manager and key consultant for BBC, HTV and other international films and TV companies

Mats has helped to develop tourism in Norway through his work in Program/Project Management, Operations, Logistics, Business Development, Tour and Expedition Planning, and Safety Operations for several successful adventure travel projects both on the mainland and on Svalbard.

Mats’ deepest interest is, without a doubt, the ocean’s birds and marine mammals.

He has devoted his life to spreading knowledge about the natural beauty of the Arctic & Antarctic wilderness and its immense need for protection.

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