Julien Cornet

Expedition Guide

Julien is an enthusiastic recently graduated doctor in Sciences with 10 years’ academic knowledge about Earth. He is eager to contribute actively to current societal challenges, e.g., fighting climate change, promoting resources and developing future technologies, or educating people on these challenges. Combining various competencies such as fieldwork, lab work, and programming has forced him to learn fast to solve multi-angled problems in a project. Furthermore, his multiple experiences abroad have made him an open-minded and collaborative person who fosters team values among colleagues.

“This globe of the earth is a habitable world; and on its fitness for this purpose, our sense of wisdom in its formation must depend. To judge of this point, we must keep in view, not only the end but the means also by which that end is obtained. These are, the form of the whole, the materials of which it is composed, and the several powers which concur, counteract, or balance one another, in procuring the general result.” Hutton, 1795, Theory of the Earth vol. 1

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