Julia Wellner

Expedition Leader

Julia grew up in northern Germany, roaming and exploring nature from her early childhood on and quickly developed quite a taste for travelling. After studying photography in the tiny village of Vevey on the shores of the Lake of Geneva in Switzerland, she has worked and lived in the USA and France. Once back to the calm grounds of Switzerland, she spent almost ten years organizing medical emergency evacuations and repatriations worldwide – a passionate work with one big problem: a lack of nature and real adventure!
Several winter months spent in Iceland made her remember that the Far North, the cold and barren landscapes are the place where she feels the most at home. An artist residency that was taking place on a sailboat in the high arctic brought Julia to Svalbard, better known to some by the name of Spitzbergen. Two weeks that changed her life: touched by the incredible nature, she decided to leave Switzerland and move north and take on a new professional path.
Since 2017 she is now working as a guide and expedition leader:  in winter & spring as a snowmobile guide on Svalbard, summers as a guide and expedition leader on expedition cruises in Svalbard and Greenland and when the darkness settles in the northernmost settlement of the world, she travels south and joins the expedition cruises for a great part of the Antarctic season.
Julia still continues her work as a photographer with commercial mandates and as an artist with her work being show in exhibitions.
She speaks German, French, English and some Norwegian.

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