Josephine Schulze

Assistant Expedition Leader

Josephine is a marine mammal scientist from Germany. She has studied whales in Canada, Iceland, Scotland and the Falkland Islands and worked several seasons as a guide in Svalbard and Antarctica onboard small cruise ships.


Degrees/ Certifications in:
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Marine mammal sciences
  • Learning to surf in her early years lead to a passion that brought her closer to nature, and a move to Scotland to pursue her studies and become a certified surf instructor
  • spent 8 months living in Svalbard to study the Arctic ecosystem and begin her polar guiding career
  • moved to Northern Norway in 2022 to be closer to nature in her everyday life, and work as a skipper

Today, Josephine is both a freelance researcher and skipper based in Tromsø, Norway. She currently works on research projects with the charity WhaleWise, and the Antarctic Research Trust, and as a guide on selected trips to share her knowledge on marine mammals and the polar regions. In her downtime, she loves to spend time climbing, snowboarding, or surfing.

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