Jon Fuhrmann

Expedition Leader

Jon grew up in Vienna, Austria, his roots are in Hungary and Transylvania. He moved to the UK to study and very nearly became an investment banker, but ultimately ended up at the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge where he completed a Master’s degree in glaciology.

Instead of going into academia, Jon focused on science communication and worked in the press office of the Natural History Museum in London, an institution that offered endless inspiration and fascination in its vast collections. He was also involved with British Antarctic Survey’s communications campaign for the RRS Sir David Attenborough, Britain’s new research icebreaker.

In 2015, Jon embarked an expedition cruise ship for his first season and followed the siren song of the Antarctic; he hasn’t looked back and has since worked on six continents with a particular focus on the polar regions, where the infinite facets of the ice have not released their spell on him.

Jon is fascinated by the natural sciences, ranging from astronomy and planetary sciences to more terrestrial interests such as glaciology, volcanology and the intricacies of the Earth system in relation to climate change. He is also a keen photographer, documenting the unique and rarely-visited places that he calls his ‘office’, as well as their inhabitants.

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