Jenni Teron

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Photographer, Videographer, Wildlife Guide & Conservationist

Jenni Teron is an artist with a deep love of nature. She specialises in ethical wildlife photography tours in remote regions and digital marketing for nature conservation photographers and organisations. Jenni has always felt a calling to capture the beauty and experience of nature, and is constantly captivated by the hidden treasures she finds. Her art is a collection of all the pieces of beauty that inspire her – from animals and nature, to little moments that bring her happiness and inner peace. Jenni’s passion lies in spending time with animals and exploring nature; it fills her with inspiration and brings her immense joy.
Jenni’s professional photography career has enabled her to travel the world in the name of art, conservation and adventure. She swims with wild Orcas in the Norwegian Arctic, walks with Polar Bears and Grizzlies in the Canadian wilderness, explores the African bush on foot photographing wild baby cheetah cubs and has swam alongside blue whales in the Indian Ocean. In addition to her love of wildlife, Jenni also is an avid hiker and explorer having sailed and hiked in remote regions of Greenland for the last half a decade. 
Her work has been featured in major commercial campaigns for international brands such as Canon, Arc’teryx, Aquatica and she regularly donates her imagery to fundraising efforts for nature conservation.

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