Jean Paul De La Harpe Zubiaur

Photography Expert

Jean Paul was born in Santiago, Chile. He is a biologist and a professional photographer. From his childhood, he was fascinated by nature and outdoor life. Since 2002, he has guided nature and photography expeditions in many Chilean environments, from the dry Atacama desert to the windy and cold Patagonia. He has spent the last 3 seasons in Antarctica, as an expedition photographer, documenting the breathtaking landscapes and the incredible wildlife that lives there.

Jean Paul has published books about Chilean Nature, participated in
documentaries and television programs, and his work has been requested
for magazines and media. His main goal with his photographic work is to
show the beauty and fragility of nature through images to create a
collective conscience about the importance of nature conservation. In
addition, he has collaborated with organizations dedicated to the
conservation of nature with his photographs.

Since 2019 Jean Paul is a Sony Alpha partner, working as a brand
ambassador in nature photography in latin America, spreading the
importance of photography in the knowledge and conservation of nature.

Nowadays he works extensively as a photography guide and teacher,
always giving maximum effort to ensure a unique experience of enjoyment
and learning inside Nature for others.

“I understood that in the creation of an image there must be a fundamental emotional process, in order to get your message as far as possible.”

Personal Note

I started with a very descriptive photography. The idea was to capture the species or places through the lens, without paying much attention to the more technical aspects of the image. I stayed like that for many years until I understood that photography was more than recording things and places at a given moment. That was when I managed to decipher the codes and logic of a very rich language, which has a power of communication many times greater than the words themselves, and which is transversal and universal. I saw in photography a way of expressing concepts, events, and most importantly, emotions, which are ultimately what move the human being. I understood that in the creation of an image there must be a fundamental emotional process, in order to get your message as far as possible. That is why today I seek to photograph nature for what it is, but for what it “also is”, trying to generate an emotional connection with the viewer. In this way, my conservation message becomes more relevant and valid over time.

Seal Antarctica Jean Paul de la Harpe

Meet Jean Paul

For a more personal connection and to stay updated with Jean Paul’s latest adventures, conservation efforts, and photographic endeavors, we encourage you to connect with him on Instagram, Facebook or via his website.

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