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Secret Atlas Turns 5 Years Old!

Secret Atlas Turns 5 Years Old!

Two polar bears wearing party hats. We're turning 5 years old.

A message from Michele & Mariano, owners of Secret Atlas.

8th April 2024

Today marks five years since we started Secret Atlas! We’re celebrating a milestone that’s more than just time passing; it’s about the challenges we have overcome and the passion and transformation we have helped create for others as they connect to nature through exploring the world’s most precious destinations. 

It’s hard to put into words the sense of gratitude and fulfilment we feel when we welcome guests on an expedition with us. Feeling the raw power of nature in its unfiltered form is an experience that leaves us in awe every single time. And to be able to facilitate these moments for our guests is nothing short of a privilege. These experiences build a community founded on passion, respect and curiosity for our planet – a movement that extends far beyond a travel experience and we’re proud to be a part of that. 

We are truly grateful for the support of everyone involved, including our colleagues, our guides, our friends, families, partners, and suppliers—thank you!

Due to the burning passion for the polar regions and exploration Secret Atlas has been in the making for fifteen years, though we officially kicked off five years ago – what a journey it’s been! It all began on an adventure sailing a small yacht to East Greenland, and if we look back at the time, we never thought we would be where we are today—exploring not only the High Arctic but Antarctica and South Georgia too! 

Though it hasn’t all been plane sailing. Like everyone, the pandemic brought unexpected disruptions to our operations and daily life. But despite this, we continued to build and shape what we do and who we are, before being the one of only two operators to resume the first expeditions to Svalbard in 2021. We know that the challenges and uncertainty we’ve faced in the wild taught us and our team the skills and strength to pull through, adapt and never loose determination. If anything, this test reinforced our conviction in the transformative power of the natural world. 

We knew we were onto something extra special which led us to then expand our horizons to and discover new destinations. Our quest to experience nature in the most authentic way possible, means we are always developing how we operate which led us to our latest adventure – the launch of our newest vessel, MV Vikingfjord. 

MV Vikingfjord in Svalbard

Last year, the MV Vikingfjord became a significant milestone for Secret Atlas and a game-changer for the expedition travel industry. It took quite literally ‘all hands on deck’ to make this possible, but we can proudly assert that it is the finest small ship operating in the high Arctic. 

But we’d like to take a moment to delve a little deeper into what really makes Secret Atlas unique, and that’s the people. 

We’ve carved a niche in the industry, reigniting the lost meaning of exploration. Secret Atlas has undoubtedly achieved balancing true adventure, camaraderie, comfort, and safety with the freedom and uncertainty of navigating the wilderness. In a world dominated by technology, screens and schedules, our concept for Expedition Micro Cruising has become infectious. Our guests, partners, suppliers, ship owners and colleagues, are those who see and feel the sustenance in the freedom of authentic travel and thrill to the experience of being able to disconnect.

We would like to thank every single person who has joined us on this journey in shape or form and for believing in what we’re doing, which has helped make it possible! 

It’s humbling to now stand in a position to contribute meaningfully to projects that we are passionate about, impacting the world in a positive way. This anniversary is obvious to us as the perfect occasion to give back—a testament to our commitment to making a difference.

You can read more detail about our proud partnership with 1% for the Planet and what it means.

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We take pride in our uniqueness, revelling in the fact that Secret Atlas isn’t like other cruises. On this special fifth birthday, let’s raise a toast to everyone who’s contributed to our success and the adventures that lie ahead!


Michele & Mariano, Owners 

PS. We’ve put together a little something to help you get to know the real people behind the scenes and our partners below.

Our Team

Put a face to the team behind Secret Atlas 

Our Partners

Partnering with AECO, IAATO, PTGA and 1% for the Planet is a reflection of our core values and dedication to making a positive impact. Each of these partnerships represents a shared commitment to responsible tourism, environmental stewardship, and ethical business practices.

Our Guests 

None of this would be possible without our guests – thank you for entrusting us with your dreams, for embracing the spirit of adventure, and for being an integral part of the Secret Atlas family. 

Join us on your next adventure!

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