Norway Yacht Charter

Our Norway yacht charter allows you to explore the outstanding natural beauty of Arctic Norway. Departing from Tromsø we have a range of summer and winter expeditions on our fleet of modern explorer yachts.

During the summer months explore the Lofoten islands under the midnight sun. These scenic islands are a paradise for hikers, nature lovers and explorers.

During the winter months chase the Northern Lights in scenic fjords lined by snow covered mountains and spend time on deck whale watching and exploring far flung villages.

Our Norway yacht expeditions are led by our outstanding guide team with decades of experience exploring the Arctic. Choose from a selection of our modern ice-strengthened explorer yachts featuring ensuite cabins, large lounges, on deck hot tub and Sauna and great food prepared by our onboard chef.

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Norway Yacht Expeditions

Design your own private expedition to explore Norway from Tromsø. Summer expeditions explore the Lofoten Islands. Winter expeditions go in search of whales and Northern Lights in the fjords around Tromsø.

Why Choose Secret Atlas Yacht Expeditions?

  • A large choice of modern ice strengthened explorer yachts ideal for exploring Norway in comfort during the winter months.
  • A passionate guide team with decades of experience. Every Norway yacht charter has an expedition leader and an assistant expedition leader.
  • 2 Zodiacs used for exploring and shore landings.
  • Flexible expeditions designed around what you would like to see and experience.
  • Outstanding guest experience with great food and onboard service.
  • 100% positive guest feedback on previous expeditions. Read our expedition journals here.

Types of Norway Yacht Charter

whale watching in norway

Whale Watching

Every year during the winter the fjords around Tromsø are home to one of the largest gathering of Orcas on the planet. Our expeditions allow you to witness this spectacle first hand.

svalbard facts

Northern Lights

Witness the Northern lights in landscapes with no light pollution. The Northern Lights are frequently sighted between November and February.

norway small ship cruise whale watching


There are many captivating places to explore from the remote, windswept beaches of the Lofoten Islands to the snow capped peaks of the Lyngen Alps.

iceland skiing and sailing

Ski and Sail

The Lyngen Alps in Arctic Norway offers the perfect place for ski and sail expeditions with high levels of comfort on our modern explorer yachts. Find out more here.

whales and northern lights cruise

Norway Yacht Expedition Itineraries

Winter Whales and Northern Lights – November to March

Explore the fjords around Tromsø which are home to an amazing spectacle every year as Orcas descend to feed on Herring. The area is also one of the best places on Earth to encounter the Northern Lights.

Midnight Sun in the Lofoten Islands – June – September

The Lofoten islands in Arctic Norway offer spectacular scenery, remote anchorages and deserted beaches making it an incredible place for a private yacht expedition.

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Norway Yacht Charter FAQ

Plan Your Norway Yacht Expedition

The charter season in Norway runs all year round and the best time to charter a yacht in Norway depends on what you would like to see.

Choose the summer months between June and August to witness the midnight sun, hike the stunning Lofoten islands and land on remote beaches.

November – January offer the best months for whale watching.

For the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights choose an expedition between November and March.

For Ski and Sail, March and April offer the best months for snow cover.

Our main point of departure is Tromsø in Arctic Norway. Tromsø has an airport with good connections to Oslo in Norway and other international destinations.

Depending on your requirements we can also arrange different departure or arrival ports based on your requirements.

During Your Norway Yacht Charter

Our Norway expeditions are tailor made to your interests. We will work with you to map out your perfect itinerary. Please contact our expedition team to arrange your requirements.


That’s a great question and one we want to answer honestly.

The vessels we work with don’t burn heavy fuels which are particularly detrimental to the environment and run on standard marine diesel. As a part of our commitment to the environment, we climate compensate all of our emissions by planting trees with our sustainability partner in Greenland. The cost of this is covered within the fares our guests pay and we don’t charge an additional fee for this.

Secret Atlas don’t sell flights but we are aware our guests have to fly to our destinations to board our cruises. As a part of our climate commitment, we will match the offset costs for any guests who would like to offset their flights with us. This is offered at the time of booking.

During our cruises, we follow very strict guidelines as set out by AECO (Association Of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators) to ensure minimal impact on the wildlife and places we visit. This includes following strict rules about not disturbing wildlife in its natural habitat. We employ highly experienced expedition leaders to run our expeditions in accordance with the rules and safety code laid out by AECO. The principal rules are:

  1. Leave no lasting signs of your visit
  2. Do not pick flowers
  3. Do not take anything with you
  4. Do not disturb animals and birds
  5. Leave cultural remains alone Cultural remains are protected by law and a zone of 100 meters around the remains is also considered a protected zone. Watch where you are walking and standing. Walk around and not in between obj
  6. Take the polar bear danger seriously
  7. Respect local culture and local people
  8. Be safe

Our expedition leaders are highly trained in safety and following these rules and brief guests at the beginning of each departure. They ensure the safety of the guests throughout the cruise and that the AECO rules are followed.

As a member of AECO we take great efforts to ensure our trips don’t have any negative impact on the wildlife or environment. You can find out more here. 

Expedition Yachts for Charter in Norway

vestland explorer expedition ship in the sea ice svalbard photography tour

MV Explorer

A hi-end expedition yacht that offers cruise ship comfort for 12 on a small ship with ensuite cabins and suites, an open plan lounge with large windows, hot tub, outdoor jacuzzi and a mini gym.

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MV Vikingfjord rear profile render


The newest addition to the Secret Atlas fleet, MV Vikingfjord is a modern expedition vessel offering cruise ship comfort with all en-suite cabins, large viewing lounge and an on deck hot tub and sauna – perfect for Northern Lights viewing.

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Polar Front amongst icebergs in Svalbard

MV Polarfront

One of the Arctic’s most elegant small ships, Polarfront offers a feeling of luxury and style. She offers an on deck sauna and hot tub, spacious cabins and a large guest lounge and dining room.

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