Ski and Sail Expeditions

Have you dreamed of skiing untouched slopes away from the crowds? If your answer is yes then we have the perfect ski and sail adventure for you.

Plan Your Own Your Own Ski and Sail Trip  

Secret Atlas offers a number of exciting ski and sail trips with our fleet of modern expedition ships that take up to 12 guests in comfort. These small expedition ships allow us access to some of the best and most remote ski slopes on Earth.

Our fully crewed ships are available for ski and sail charters with or without guides for groups of individuals or skiing companies. See our ships here.

Choose from our adventurous destinations which include Svalbard, Arctic Norway, Greenland, Iceland and Antarctica. 

ski in iceland sailing expedition

Ski and Sail Destinations

Secret Atlas offer ski and sail adventures in some of the most remote, untouched slopes in the northern hemisphere. Find out more about our destinations below.


Svalbard offers an amazing opportunity for adventurous skiers to take on untouched, rugged mountains in one of the most remote places on earth. Situated above 79º north, Svalbard is just 800 miles from the north pole making it one of our favourite ski and sail destinations.

The main month for ski and sail in Svalbard is during May when the snow is still fresh and the ice in the fjords has retreated so yachts can explore the coast. May also benefits from 24 hour sunlight.


Greenland is a skiers paradise with fjords flanked by mountains, glaciers and some of the most stunning scenery on the planet.

Exploring Greenland by boat is the ideal way as there are only 60km of roads in the entire country. An expedition yacht allows us to get to places where others only dream of.


Our expedition ships offer unrivalled access to The Lyngen Alps in Arctic Norway, a place of outstanding mountain skiing. Sailing from Tromsø which has great international connections, we will go out and ski some of the finest backcountry in Norway.


Ski the world’s most remote continent on an adventurous ski and sail expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. Our expedition ship Polar Pioneer has space for 53 adventurers and is built for the harsh polar environment. 


March is the perfect month for ski and sail in Iceland when the mountains are still snow-covered from the winter. The West Fjords region offers great opportunities for exploring and skiing.

Experience wild untouched landscapes in an area that is barely visited during the winter months and virtually inaccessible if not travelling by expedition yacht.



Ski and Sail Ships For Charter

MV Vikingfjord Render

MV Vikingfjord
Norway, Svalbard & East Greenland

Our newest expedition ship Vikingfjord is ideal for ski and sail expeditions with a high level of comfort. Ensuite cabins, large lounges, and an on deck hot tub and sauna. 

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nanook expedition vessel

MV Nanook
Norway & West Greenland

MV Nanook is the perfect ship for ski and sail expeditions in West Greenland and northern Norway. It boasts the highest comfort levels with large ensuite cabins and is built for adventure.

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Polar Pioneer Antarctica Travel Guide

MV Polar Pioneer
Antarctica, South Georgia, Greenland & Svalbard

Polar Pioneer is ideal for larger groups of skiers as it can carry up to 53 guests into the remote polar regions in safety. Ideal for ski and sail in Antarctica.

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Ski and Sail FAQ


What is Ski and Sail?

Ski and Sail is where we use an expedition vessel as a floating basecamp to explore and ski from. An expedition ship allows us to get to the foot of untouched mountains where our land-based adventures begin. After a day of skiing, we then move on to the next location. An expedition vessel offers a great amount of freedom to explore and adapt to the conditions. 

Secret Atlas work with a team of leading vessels and expert guides to deliver ski and sail trips in Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland, Antarctica and Norway. 

What sailing experience do I require?

The great thing about ski and sail is that you don’t require any previous sailing experience as there will be a professional skipper and crew on board. 

What skiing experience do I require? 

You require at least some prior skiing experience and should be confident as all trips involve skiing in remote areas. On some trips there is a mix of experience ranging from professionals to less experienced. The experience level varies from trip to trip so we advise getting in touch with us to check. 

Is it possible to snowboard?

Yes, but it is recommended that you use a split board with skins. Snowshoes can also work. If you have any questions please get in touch prior to booking. 

Do we use ski guides?

You are welcome to bring your own ski guide or Secret Atlas can provide a ski guide for you. Our guides have good knowledge and are familiar with the areas we sail in. If you are organising your own charter and need assistance finding a guide please get in touch. 

How much sailing/skiing do we do during the trips?

On Ski and Sail trips, skiing is the main focus. The expedition ship is our floating basecamp that is used to get us from mountain to mountain. On a typical day, we will sail for a few hours usually after skiing. The weather and route will also dictate how much sailing time is required. 

Will I get seasick?

Our expedition ships are very stable in comparison to a sailing yacht. Seasickness varies from individual to individual. If you feel you may be susceptible to seasickness we recommend bringing sea sickness medication with you which is available at most pharmacies. Our crew will be able to give you advice on preventing seasickness such as avoiding alcohol, keeping hydrated, and getting a good amount of rest.

What are the sailing conditions like during the winter?

Arctic sailing during the winter is an exhilarating experience and is not as extreme as it sounds. The weather conditions can vary from calm days to windy days. Depending on which trip you participate in, you can often have fair weather and milder conditions. The interior of the boats are kept warm so you won’t feel cold at night. Nothing beats waking up to a snow-covered deck in the morning.  

Is it possible to rent sailing gear and skiing equipment? 

This depends on the trip and the area of operation. Please contact us in advance with your requirements and what you would like to rent. We will instruct you on the best way to do it. 

Is it possible to see the Northern Lights?

There is a good chance to see the northern lights during the winter and spring. In may in Svalbard there is 24 hour daylight so you will not see the northern lights during this time.

Get In Touch To Design Your Private Ski and Sail Expedition 

The first step to booking your dream ski and sail expedition is to contact us and discuss your interests and any requirements. Our charter team will be happy to assist you with a choice of ships for your expedition.

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