Explore the wilderness of the Arctic on a small ship expedition. Choose from Svalbard, Greenland, Canadian Arctic and the Russian Arctic.

Arctic Voyages


Explore the world’s fabled seventh continent on a small ship expedition. Choose from the Antarctic Peninsula, Ross Sea or South Georgia.

Antarctica Voyages


Witness Arctic landscapes, glaciers and an abundance of wildlife including polar bears.


Travel through some of the most beautiful landscapes and wildernesses on the planet.

South Georgia

Encounter 100,000’s of King Penguins and some of the largest concentrations of wildlife on the planet.

Antarctic Peninsula

Giant icebergs, glaciers remote landscapes and a wildlife haven on land and in the sea.

North Pole

Venture to the the most northerly point on earth on an icebreaker. Encounter sea ice and wildlife.

Canadian Arctic

Voyage to the remote Canadian and encounter remote communities and the awe inspiring landscapes of Baffin Island.

Russian Arctic

Explore remote, and rarely visited Arctic Islands virtually unexplored and with the highest concentrations of wildlife in the Arctic.


Encounter the wildlife and wild coasts of Alaska on a small ship expedition.