Research Vessel Charter & Logistics in Svalbard and Greenland

We are a vessel charter and logistics company operating across the Arctic including Svalbard and Greenland.

Our team has extensive experience assisting researchers and scientists with polar logistics to ensure the success of their projects and missions. Previous expeditions have included assisting Nasa to map remote parts of Greenland and assisting researchers in Svalbard. Our highly experienced team of experts has the experience to get you safely to the remote corners of the Arctic.

Here is how we can assist you with your research or science expedition:

Research Vessel Charter

We have a range of Arctic expedition vessels available for charter either from our own fleet or from our partners fleet. Our fleet includes an icebreaker, ice strengthened expedition motor vessels, and expedition sailing yachts.

Our partner fleet includes over 50 expedition vessels, so we have every type of vessel covered for your research or science expedition.

By chartering directly through Secret Atlas ensure you pay the best price for your Research Vessel Charter. You will be guaranteed a vessel that meets all the safety requirements and is crewed by a highly experienced team of professionals. Our captains have decades of experience navigating Arctic waters and getting researchers to where they need to be.

We can accommodate every need including large storage areas that can carry a submersible through to shallow draft vessels that can access more shallow bays.

Our vessels come fully crewed including a chef and include all meals onboard.

As every research expedition is different it is good to understand your requirements so we can tailor a vessel to suit your expedition.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will do the rest.

Expedition Vessel Togo on a Svalbard expedition

A Zodiac from Expedition Vessel Togo on a Svalbard expedition

Research Expedition Services

Alongside research vessel charter, we also offer expedition services to ensure your mission runs smoothly.

We offer a full service which includes expedition planning, permitting and staffing and can carry this out on your behalf if required.

Having a solid expedition leader is vital for any science or research project in the Arctic. We arrange highly trained expedition leaders for your expedition as required. Our team has decades of experience and we work with veteran expedition leaders who have over 30 years of knowledge of Svalbard and Greenland who will add great value to your team.

Obtaining permits is an essential part of any expedition and we can arrange permits on behalf of your research project.

We can also arrange any additional equipment you may require such as waterproof footwear for your team or additional clothing for cold weathers.

Research Expedition Logistics and Support

We also provide vessels for support and logistics for science and research expeditions.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you to make every success of your expedition.

“Ultimately, the survey exceeded expectations and included major successes such as mapping to the faces of several major marine- terminating glaciers.

Of these, the collection of data in Upernavik Fjord stands apart as a particularly remarkable achievement given the exceptional challenge of safely navigating the extremely heavy ice conditions caused by the fjord’s numerous calving glaciers. “

Ian Fenty, Josh Willis, NASA, JPL

Early Results from NASA’s Ocean Ice Mission in Greenland

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